• Serwaa

What Other Words?

What other words can we use to tell people that sexual violence is wrong?

What other expressions can we come up with to convince; Pastors and lawyers Teachers and judges Journalists and police officers Social media and strangers-

That rape and sexual abuse are not normal?

What other words can convey that rape is wrong? That child molestation is evil and should not be? That any sexual abuse of any human being despite their gender is a sin towards humanity? What part of “no!” or “wrong!” Of “stop!” of “enough!” do people not get?! Are we speaking a different language here? Because you understand me when I talk about different subjects, but the minute the keywords “Buzzwords”

of Rape Child molestation Sexual abuse Sexual assault Come out of my mouth: You close your ears You become angry You become flustered NO! STOP IT! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Abusers, your time is up and we are coming for you We may be a rag-tag army of bleeding, whole, fragmented, and desperate women But mark my words and have this assurance: We are coming for you.

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