• Serwaa

Uncles, oh Uncles

You were supposed to be an extension of our loving fathers and mothers

A loving example of a trusted relative

Wise and becoming

You weren't always related to us

We called you "uncle" out of respect

But the joke is on us right?

Because you never showed that respect back to us

Instead, you abused your authority as our superiors

And acted out your perverted sexual desires on our innocent bodies

You raped some of us

You molested others

You attempted to touch a few of us

You sexually harassed others too

I can still feel the hot breath of one of these "uncles"

I haven't seen him for years

As a little girl, he always seemed to find me at church

He would always press his body so close to my own

And whisper things into my ears

He would hold me so tightly, I'd try to pull away but he was so much stronger than me

My parents couldn't understand why I always said that I didn't like him

Neither could I

There was another uncle, a distant relative, that I would meet when I was in high school

A distant relative, it didn't stop him from leering at me

Almost drooling as his eyes were hooked to my body with a devilish grin

I escaped an unpleasant encounter when I was left alone with him

Oh uncles, why do you do these things?

One “uncle”, unrelated, wanted to take me on a date behind my parents backs

Another pervertedly grinned at me as he visited our home

He pulled out a $20 bill and handed it to me

He told me that I reminded me of his mother

But the way that he looked at me with such a flaming lust said otherwise

It was almost as if that green paper note was a devilish transaction of sorts

His money for my silence in his visual undressing of my body

Oh uncles, what sin did we commit in being women?

Was your hot lust too much that you needed to satisfy it with leering or grabbing or forcing yourself on us when we were



And young women?

I've heard tales of uncles molesting and raping loved ones

Those who we were meant to trust, betrayed us the greatest

Uncles, oh uncles

Hear my plea

Enough is enough!

Stop your abuse in Canada

Stop your abuse in India where your infant rape reigns

Stop your abuse in South Africa where babies continue to be killed from your perversions

Stop your abuse in Nigeria

In Ghana

In China

In America

In Europe

Across Africa


We are calling for an end to your terror

Get your pants zipped and keep your tainted hands to yourself!

Let your wickedness come to an end



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