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The Spirit, Loving Me Diaries #3

A Womanist…Loves the Spirit

If that is so, then loving me is loving The Spirit

Who is the Spirit?

It is the Spirit of the Living God

The Spirit who carried our people out of Egypt and its constantly changing chains

The Spirit who kept Sisters and Brothers as they were stolen across the sea

The Spirit who settled the hearts of Sisters and Brothers whose homelands were stolen and destroyed

The Spirit who gave us peace in every storm

And taught us to wade in the water

Making a way out of no way

The Spirit who keeps our hearts from sinking as each new tragedy of police violence

Forces us onto the streets to declare with tears that Africana Lives Do In Fact Matter

The Spirit who has kept our Sisters even when our communities failed us

Through every hidden and silent trauma and shame of sexual violence


The Spirit that kept Celie in the Color Purple as a child

Is the same Spirit who kept Ms. Recy Taylor and empowered Rosa Parks as an itinerant anti-rape campaigner across America

The Spirit is high today!

The Spirit who empowered Jarena Lee, Sojourner Truth, Amanda Smith to preach when their brothers said NO!

Is the same Spirit empowering countless women today in all spheres and walks of life and ministry

The Spirit who breathes upon our minds, bodies, and spirits and gives us life where there is none

And gives us hope when we are grasping at straws

How can I love myself without The Spirit?

How can one survive in a broken and hopeless world full of corruption, hatred, and sorrow

Without the life-giving Spirit?

The Spirit is high today!

The Spirit gives us hope, love, laughter, joy, and goodness with the strength to dream of a better tomorrow

And I pay tribute to Dr. Katie Geneva Cannon for brining The Spirit into the academy

For fashioning the rich blueprints of The Womanist House of Wisdom

I take honour in being employed in That Great House

And will humbly build upon and within this rich tradition

As I love The Spirit & in doing so, love myself…regardless

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