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"Serwaa", The Meaning Behind the Name

Hey, I get it.

Most of you who grew up with me or encountered me in the various stages of my life know me as “Elizabeth,” and that name has served me well for 27 years.

But the thing about metamorphosis is that it requires a change.

Comfortable things can’t always remain.

It is only in ripping off the band-aid that the wound can truly heal.

“Serwaa”, [not pronounced “sir-waah” but rather “say-waah”] is one of my Ghanaian names.

It means “truthful and powerful.”

A name that so clearly defines the purposes and force behind my activism.

I will fight violence against women and speak out against it with truth and power.

I will speak truth to power because I am truthful and powerful.

It’s my name.

It’s my identity.

I am Serwaa.

#letmeintroducemyself #itstimeforanewthing

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