• Serwaa

Another Anita

Image: Anita Hill, 1991

I told you NO!

And you did it anyways

Nightmarish days

What is left to say?

‘Cuz “yes” doesn’t mean YES

And this haggling over my body is a degrading game of CHESS

My own brotha of dark chocolate hue

Now makes me rise up with the cause to sue

Courts bashing me

If only they could see

The TRUTH and its misery


This is for colored girls who have considered suicide?

YES is a magical dream

Skipping along still watered streams

And YES is beauty serene

One of the greatest joys this life has seen

Stop telling daughters not to go out at night

Tell all those young men to treat women right!

When both parties sincerely agree

Rape culture will cease

Coinciding women’s history to a pedigree

This is for you

& it’s for me

We’re trapped inside this insanity

Where race no longer terrifies

And yet patriarchy is on the rise

The Bible touching my shaking brown hand

Accusations all across the one inhabiting the witness stand


Why did you deceive me?

They still don’t even BELIEVE me

This is for you

& it’s for me

SOMEONE please help me escape this insanity


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