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Announcement: A Time to Speak Documentary

There is beauty in speech/

The divide between silence and sound/

The brave decision to say what is on your mind/

...Even if it may cost you.

I am so happy to announce that we have released our first feature length documentary: A Time to Speak, The Voice Reclamation Campaign. This Work would not have been possible without the generous support of Equal Voice (, of which we are extremely grateful!

The impact that this documentary has had in just one day is the greatest gift in knowing that lives were touched, transformative conversations, healing, and reconciliation were initiated through This Work.

Please find the YouTube description and link to the documentary below:

A Time to Speak: The Voice Reclamation Campaign Documentary is a call to action. It explores the implications of “ACB” (African, Caribbean, Black) women living in Canada during the age of MeToo. Despite the relentless activism of MeToo, many African Canadian women belonging to faith communities remain silent. Why is this? What role does culture, the Black Church, and shame play in keeping Black women silent? Serwaa (Elizabeth-Serwaa Peprah) takes us on a journey through monologues, statistics, and conversations with; Kahmaria Pingue, Cultural Educator and founder of Onyxstasia, Ataisi Tony-Adiari, survivor-advocate, director, and founder of Ataisi Iris Portraits, Waciira Muya, survivor-advocate, Clinical Psychologist and founder of Soar YoungOne, and Elaine Grant, survivor-advocate and author of She’s Still Standing to explore the various reasons why ACB women continue to remain unheard. This educational resource intends to raise awareness and subsequently demonstrate the need for survivors to speak their truth(s) to power and reclaim their voices now more than ever. In the life of every survivor, there is a time to speak or remain silent. We invite you to join us and speak.

Documentary link:

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